This Year’s Met Gala Top 5

I was waiting weeks for this year’s Met Gala to come around just to see what Beyoncé would wear! I was so gutted to find out she wasn’t attending as I’m sure she would have KILLED this years Catholicism theme🔥

As disappointed as I was, there were so many other celebs that really impressed at this year’s Met Gala event.

Here are my top 5 for the ‘Heavenly Bodies: fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ theme:

#5 Gigi Hadid

This stained glass window inspired Versace gown looked amazing on her! And I LOVE her hair here too!

#4 Jasmine Sanders

I can’t believe this gold structured gown was designed by H&M!? I wish I could pop into H&M and pick up this stunning dress of the rack🙌🏼

#3 Rihanna

Even though she’s my #3 … I actually think Rihanna wins best dressed for this year’s theme. She really stole the show with this custom beaded Maison Margiela gown and a papal tiara, inspired by the popes hat.

#2 Blake Lively

Another incredible Versace gown which reportedly took over 600 hours to make! Blake can honestly do no wrong on the red carpet.

#1 Kim Kardashian

I am obsessed with this whole look! From the Versace gown to the high ponytail and the super dark eyeliner! This was my #1 look mostly because this is the dress that I’d most like to wear myself! I am now on the hunt to find something similar… and an occasion to wear it at!😂

I’d love to know what your favourite looks were from the Met Gala this year. Comment below💕

J x

8 thoughts on “This Year’s Met Gala Top 5

  1. I agree with your picks! Jasmine Sanders’ dress from the back was just as pretty as from the front. Gigi Hadid looked gorgeous but she didn’t bowl me over, that’s the only reason I didn’t include her in my top. But Blake Lively was everything ❤️

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  2. I think my top 3 would be Blake, Zendaya then Gigi. Gigi looked stunning! Zendaya killed it! but Blake just owned the red carpet with THAT dress! I really liked this year but I agree, Beyonce would have completely stolen the show if she turned up 😦

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