Want Your Boyfriend to Take Insta-Worthy Pics of You!?

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve experienced that disappointing feeling when you ask your boyfriend to take a picture of you for that OOTD post, he gives you your phone back, and the pictures are just… MEH!!

I’ve been there too! But Sean has really stepped up his picture taking game lately. I guess he had enough of me barking orders at him, now he just takes out his phone and knows exactly want to do!🤣

So, to help a girl out I’ve put together five tips to give your bf before you next ask him to take a picture of you:

1. Gotta get them aaangles!

When you ask him to take a photo of you, it doesn’t mean just whip out your phone and take it wherever you are. Yes, he may have to get down and dirty to get the perfect shot. Get him to stand up, kneel down, move back, get in the pool… take a few from all different angles. Whatever is required!

If you’re short or just want to look taller, make sure he knows he needs to get low and angle the phone upwards to make you look like a VS model😜

2. Keep snapping

If he’s new to this, make sure that he knows that even if you’re moving around, he should just keep snapping away.

Eventually he’ll get to know what angles are best for you but this way, there’s bound to be at least one you like while he’s still learning!

Or he just ends up catching a super cute ‘candid’ shot! Either way, you’re happy!🤷🏼‍♀️

3. Make sure there are no unwanted props in the shot!

It may take a couple of minutes but if people are passing by, get him to wait until they are gone to get the shot. Also, make him aware of any unwanted objects that might be in the photo so that he can position you or himself to hide it!

Sure, that’s a nice photo but the one below (without the people and fire extinguisher) is 10x better!

4. Don’t crop my feet out!

This is a big NO. If you’re trying to show off your outfit in the pic, make sure he knows you want your WHOLE outfit in it, this includes your shoes! Cutting off your feet or any part of your legs in a photo doesn’t help to get the elongated look we all want. Just look at the difference in the pictures below.

Cute shot vs an Insta-worthy OOTD pic. You see!?

5. Take photos when I’m not looking

This isn’t really one your can ‘teach’, he’s either going to do this or he’s just not. But, if any guys are reading this… you could really score some brownie points if you take photos of her when shes not looking/doesn’t ask. We always love a cute candid shot!

And that’s pretty much it! 5 simple rules to a happy gf…kinda🙊

I’d love to know if you have any other picture taking tips you can share with me! Comment below💕


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