Coachella Weekend One

Festival season is underway and this year I got to experience one of the biggest festivals of them all! COACHELLA!

This is one experience that has been on my bucket list since I first heard about it when I was about 15. I remember thinking when I was younger that it’s probably something I’d never get to attend as I had heard it was so damn expensive. Not only was I actually able to attend, I was lucky enough to do so on the same year that my all time favourite artist was headlining! Beyoncé getting pregnant last year and cancelling ‘chella 2017 was the biggest blessing for me, haha!

Having only attended UK festivals in the past, I imagined Coachella to be pretty much the same as all the others I have ever been to. But it was honestly like nothing I’d ever attended before… the Empire Polo Grounds were beautiful with the palm trees, luscious green grass, beautiful skies and, of course, the iconic Ferris Wheel which was constantly surrounded by people trying to get that perfect Instagrammable pic!


To put it into perspective, Coachella is hot, fun, crowded, loud, exciting, overwhelming and beautiful all at the same time. The 90 degree heat and the sun beating down on me sure beat the heavy downfall of rain we’d almost certainly get at some point during Reading Fest or Glasto!

One thing that does remains the same no matter where the festival is though… those GOD AWFUL portaloos that you have to queue for twenty minutes+ to use! Oh, and the overpriced alcohol!

Here’s a day-by-day of what we got up to during the three day festival…

Friday April 13th

With a three hour road trip ahead of us we packed up the car, set up the sat nav and prepared ourselves for over 200 miles of nothing but desert. We had to stop the car three times because I get motion sickness and the first hour and a half of the trip was like being on a rollercoaster! I eventually was sick… in giant plastic bag! After that, I lay across the back seats of the car, took a nap and before I knew it we were there! We left Las Vegas a little later than expected, so instead of going to our Airbnb we decided to head straight to the festival.


Once we arrived, we spent time walking around the grounds, discovering what the festival had to offer, observing the beautiful giant art installations and checking out the cool festival merchandise.


The first artist we saw of the festival was Kygo on the main stage. He brought out Jamie Foxx for a live rendition of Kygo’s Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” remix, which the crowd went crazy for! We also, of course, watched the Weeknd who was amazing and Freddy introduced Sean and I to a new artist, Rezz… I am not really a huge fan of EDM but I must admit I had SO much fun listening to Rezz at the Sahara stage, the atmosphere was insane!

At the end of the evening we joined the herd of festival goers on the long walk to the festival exit. I already couldn’t wait to experience another day in this beautiful place!

Saturday April 14th

We began day two with breakfast and a Vodka Orange at the Joshua Tree Saloon (I say we, but really only I added the vodka into my orange juice, ha!)


Throughout Coachella Weekend One and Two there are lots of parties (some more exclusive than others) taking place near and around Indio. We were lucky enough to be on the guest list for Republic Records and Dream Hotels Present “The Estate” where we sipped on free cocktails, helped ourselves to super yummy Mochi Ice Cream and even got some cool Harley Davidson merchandise. After spending a couple of hours enjoying the party (and missing a photo op with Olivia Culpo😑👎🏼) we headed over to the festival grounds to enjoy day two!




Walking into the festival in daylight for the first time was surreal. The thing I first noticed (other that the Ferris wheel, of course!) was the hundreds of thousands of people in a mixture of boho chic and hipster attire. There was tons of mesh, tassels, crochet, sparkles and lots of booties on show🍑 People were definitely not just there to see and hear but also to BE SEEN!


What is it about people at festivals!? They’re so friendly! I just love the carefree vibes of festival goers and the kindness you see between strangers. People would just come over to say they liked my outfit or that I looked cute… and I found myself doing to same thing to people!

For me, Saturday was all about waiting for 11:05pm when Beyoncé would hit the main stage! Don’t get me wrong, there was soooo much excitement going on but I was just so ready for her performance.

We spent the afternoon checking out more of the festival, relaxing a little at the AMEX members club and pretty much hung out at the main stage.


We watched Tyler the Creator’s performance (which I must say was very disappointing) and Haim who were incredible! And of course we got as close as we possibly could for the main performance of the evening…Beyoncé! I should write a whole blog post on this performance alone. A few days before the festival I thought to myself ‘how is she possibly going to outdo herself again!?’ The Formation World Tour was incredible and I just couldn’t imagine how she could do another performance that would compare to that. I obviously should never have doubted the Queen. She was BEYOND AMAZING!


Trying to get out of the crowd after her performance took about an hour! It was like human traffic with everyone trying to funnel through the exit gates! And then it took us three hours to get out of the festival car park and back to our Airbnb that night! I must admit… I couldn’t wait to get my shoes off and get all tucked up into bed after day two.

Sunday April 15th

The final day of the festival came way too fast!Day three began at iHop before we headed to the AMEX Platinum House party at the Parker Palm Springs. We helped ourselves to more free cocktails and ice lollies, took a couple cool snaps and watched an exclusive performance by Justine Skye. Then we hopped on the shuttle bus and headed to the festival for the final day!


Day three’s outfit was my fave… I was channeling my inner Beyoncé. I had so many compliments so I was definitely feellllin’ myself!


One thing I think we were all slightly disappointed with at the festival was the food! Everything we ate was really not too great… and I had heard the food was supposed to be super tasty at Coachella! I guess we weren’t looking in the right places, we were just kind of getting whatever was easiest or closest. I did however enjoy a super tasty Cupcake Prosecco with an ice lolly and a extra strong melon margarita which made me forget all about the horrible Irish style nachos I’d just tried to eat!

The highlight for me on day three was Cardi B! She was so much better than I even expected! I love her anyway, but I wasn’t imagining her performance to be all that great as she really hasn’t performed to such a large audience before. I was pleasantly surprised by how well she put her set together. And for a woman six months pregnant… her twerking skills didn’t suffer at all!


When heading over to watch Migos I was furious to discover (on the final day) that there were REAL TOILETS on the festival grounds… that were clean and you barely had to queue to use them!🙈 I literally found them on my last trip to the restroom… typical!

After day three we was all well and truly tired out. The shuttle bus, filled with around 70 people, was almost silent on the trip back and myself, Sean and Freddy were snoozing away only five minutes after getting onto the bus. And just like that, my first Coachella experience came to an end.



It was an absolutely amazing trip and I was SO envious of everyone that was enjoying weekend two this past weekend… I so badly wanted to be back there in the desert with them!! As soon as tickets go on sale for next year I’ll be grabbing one right away!


Until next year, Coachella!✌🏼

J x

13 thoughts on “Coachella Weekend One

  1. Omg I can’t believe you went to Coachella, I’m so happy for you!!!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun, arghhhhh I really wanna go!!!!!! 😀 ❤
    I loved the pictures too, AMAZING POST!!!!! ❤

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  2. LOVE reading about other Coachella experiences! Your outfits were also amazing and you are such a stunner!! So glad your first experience was so incredible ❤️ Maybe I’ll see ya next year Weekend 1 ☺️

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  3. It’s so interesting to read about Coachella rather than watch vlog footage of it. It sounds like you had a really good time – I just wish it wasn’t so expensive! xx


    • Awww thank you so much!💖 you have to go one day! It’s an incredible experience!! I wish I could remember more of her performance… it like a big blur!🙈 its a good things my friend was recording so much of it on his iPhone X (my camera quality is awful!).. I’ll have to rewatch all of them and see what I can put together!🙈💖

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