Throwback Thursday: Jayde and Mel take Vegas…

I’ve been putting off writing a new blog post as I was hoping that I would have some good news to share with you. Buttttt… I’m still waiting!😣

When I (finally) get the news I will share it, but for now I’ve come up with a new addition to my blog! Every couple of months, on a Thursday, I am going to share with you a throwback story! I thought it would be a fun way to get to know me a little better🤣 The first throwback story I’m going to share is my first trip to Las Vegas!


Ever since me and my best friend, Melanie, were 13/14 we can remember saying to each other that the year we turn 21 we will go to Las Vegas together! Granted, we didn’t actually end up going until we were 22, but still! I think it’s kinda cool to say we actually did something our younger selves promised each other!

So off we went to Virgin Holidays and booked ourselves 10 nights at the MGM! Yes, 10 nights does seem like a REALLY long time to spend in Sin City but we honestly didn’t even want to leave at the end of it!

After months of saving every last penny we earned (we were students at the time!) and almost having to cancel the trip altogether, we were finally on route. I was not looking forward to this 10 hour flight but we were lucky enough to have three seats between us and FREE ALCOHOL for the whole trip! Things could have been worse🤣

Off we go!✈️

We arrived at our hotel around 2pm so we got ourselves all settled in, chose our beds (we each had a queen bed, I took the one closest to the window!), and unpacked our suitcases. Then we headed out to take a tour of our hotel and the strip. The MGM hotel is perfect to stay at for a trip with your friends. It’s not too expensive and has everything you need inside… including the Hakkasan night club (Mel and I stumbled upon the hip hop and R&B floor and had the besttttt night!) and the greatest food court, complete with McDonalds, for after all the dancing and alcohol!

Mel and I researched the hottest places to be and the best things to do beforehand but as we were talking a stroll down the strip we were being offered free entry and drinks etc at so many different places. Needless to say, we didn’t stick to anything we had originally planned. The best thing about being a girl in Las Vegas (especially if there’s only a small group of you) is that you never have to pay for entry into any of the clubs😜

It’s crazy how much of a blur everything is from the holiday. It’s like the whole 10 days merged into one! I always wish that I could have a camera attached to me so that I can relive moments like this.

As I can’t remember a lot of details, I’m going share a few of my favourite memories from the trip!

Meeting Strangers on the Strip

I know we’re told not to talk to strangers but I feel like most rules don’t apply when you’re in Vegas. We genuinely never wanted to get in a taxi because we’d have too much fun walking back to our hotel everyday. You meet the craziest people and see the weirdest things. We even saw two people getting married… unfortunately not by Elvis! But we saw him too, kinda!🤣


The Pool Parties…

…all of them! But my two favourites were Rehab at Hard Rock and Marquee Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan.

Every time that I’ve been to Rehab I’ve had the craziest time, it is definitely one of those you just HAVE to go to! They play the best music and the crowd is wilddddd😝


Marquee is one of the ‘classier’ pool parties… but it still gets crazy! This was probably a fav of mine as it is where I first met Sean🙊 Who would have known then that I’d end up moving across the Atlantic to marry him!


Helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon

Even though I spent the whole 40 minute helicopter ride throwing up, I am totally glad that I did this! The views were INCREDIBLE! I was a little sad I didn’t get to enjoy the prosecco picnic that was prepared for us (I knew if I ate or drank anything I’d be throwing it back up when we returned to the helicopter🤢) but it was still worth it! My ‘best friend’ was kind enough to get pictures of me throwing up😒 I have shared them below for your amusement!



Downtown Las Vegas

Where it all began! I’ve never seen a place like this! Everywhere we turned there were people dressed up and street performers, from Elvis’s and Marilyn’s to Drag Queens and Burlesque dancers. It was like another world!


The Shows

We watched the Cirque du Soleil show ‘O’ which was amazing! The scenes where the stage became a giant pool were mesmerising and the performers were flawless! But I must admit, the $30 Fifty Shades of Grey was ALMOST as entertaining!🤣


Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas

Visiting a water park isn’t really top of the list for most people when going to Vegas, but Mel really wanted to go and I am so glad we did! I just remember laughing A LOT while we were there, and trying waffle fries for the first time!😋

Ok, I’ve shared the best now here’s the worst memory from the trip…

Spending my second night in Las Vegas at the hospital! I couldn’t explain this story to you very well even if I tried. Mel and I have tried to piece the bits together to figure out what really happened but nothing is for sure. We are convinced we were both spiked as our memory stops at the same time and we both passed out, but I guess we will never know! All I remember is waking up in a hospital bed checking my body for broken bones as I had no idea why I was there!


And the worst part… what happened in Vegas didn’t quite stay in Vegas as, a year later, I received a $6,000 bill for it🤦🏼‍♀️

Other than the overnight stay in the hospital, it was an amazing trip. It really was even better than our 14 year old selves could have ever imagined! We’ve been back every summer since but it’s never quite lived up to the first time!


HUNGOVER! This was the day after the hospital trip☹️



Having a sophisticated cocktail before getting wild at XS Nightclub!
As you can tell by these happy faces… we had a BLAST!

If this one isn’t already on your bucket list then be sure to add it!😉

J x

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Jayde and Mel take Vegas…

  1. It looks like an incredible trip! I have never been but it is definitely on my list of places to go (I’ve only just turned 21 and you cannot go Vegas before you’re 21!) I hope you had travel Insurance for that hospital bill!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My favourite part of Vegas are the beautiful mountains.

    Also no wonder you ended up engaged……dem bodies thooooo 🔥💯💯💯💯


    • I just look at hem photos and think I wish I could run throughhhhhhhh fireeeee smasshhh smasshhhhh

      Beautiful personalities too ❤️❤️❤️🔥🤓🤓🔥💦💦💦🏠


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