Before I Turn 30…

Happy hump day readers! Just a couple more days until the weekend, yay!🤣

I know in last weeks blog post I said I was going to do a ‘life lately’ type post, but I decided to save that for next week as I’m hoping (🤞🏼) to have some good news to share with you all!

So instead, (after spending most of the weekend thinking about my life bucket list!) I have put together a list of things that I want to do before October 24th 2022 (the BIG 3-0)!

One of my previous bosses (hi, if you’re reading👋🏼 ) made me aware of the importance of setting yourself goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in the flurry of day-to-day activities. By having daily, weekly, monthly (etc, etc…) goals, it helps to focus your energy on doing things that are going to be of significance in your life.

My next age milestone will be 30, so here are 30 things I want and WILL DO (law of attraction and all that😜) before I turn 30!

  1. Visit Prague, Budapest and Germany (I put these three together as Sean and I have discussed visiting all three in one trip)
  2. Take an all inclusive cruise around the Mediterranean with Sean- enjoy the best of both worlds relaxing whilst at sea and touring lots of new places!
  3. Explore Italy
  4. Spend a long (summer) weekend in Chicago
  5. Visit Niagara Falls
  6. Girls trip to Mexico!
  7. Jump out of a plane – always, always, always wanted to do this!
  8. Road trip across the US (or part of it)- I am the WORST person to go on a road trip with as I’m super travel sick 🤢👎🏼 but I still want to experience a scenic American  road trip!
  9. Take part in a tough mudder
  10. Learn to ride a motorbike – and get myself a Ducati😜 (maybe buying the Ducati will come after my 30th!)
  11. Try snowboarding – I love skiing but I really want to try out snowboarding at least one time!
  12. Complete the 22 days Vegan challenge – I hear so many positive things from people that take this challenge, I’m just not ready to give up cheese quite yet!
  13. Get promoted at work – I kinda need to find a job first! But I’ll get there…😂
  14. Attend Yoga classes – regularly!
  15. Camp in the wilderness – I’ve done camping at festivals and camping at camp sites but I want to experience REAL camping!
  16. Jump from a cliff into deep water – I was watching the final episode of Lost the other day (for the fifth time) and when Kate and Sawyer jump off that cliff into the Ocean, it just look so appealing!
  17. Race a Lamborghini Aventador (I guess I wouldn’t mind racing any supercar really)
  18. Start recording more of my life and make a video to watch on my 30th birthday
  19. See the Lion King on Broadway
  20. Go to a Basketball and (American) Football game
  21. Ride the longest zip line in the world
  22. Compete in a hot wing challenge – I’m obsessed with spicy food and I’m convinced I could win one of these competitions! If anyone knows any good ones for me to try in NY or Wales let me know in the comments👇🏼
  23. Apply to be on the show, Survivor – I actually recently got asked to apply for Big Brother this summer but that type of show isn’t really for me. I would LOVE to be on a show like Survivor.
  24. Ride a mechanical bull- just wanna🤷🏼‍♀️
  25. Get me a Chanel bag 🤗 – materialistic I know, but I reallyyyy want one!
  26. Host my own Christmas – I feel like I’ll be a ‘real grown-up’ when I do this!
  27. Got to Coachella AND Glastonbury!
  28. Spend a night in a haunted house – I LOVE the feeling of being scared! And scary films just don’t do it for me anymore. I know my friend Chloe would be up for this 100%!

And the two BIG ones…

  1.  Marry my AMAZING fiancé and have the wedding of our dreams!
  2. Make the move from NY to Nevada where we’ll live happily ever after…

Whilst I was writing this I thought of at least 100 more things I want to do, but I guess I need to be a little realistic and stick to these 30 for now!

I’d love to hear some of the things you have on your bucket lists, share below👇🏼💖

J x

17 thoughts on “Before I Turn 30…

  1. IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO GET MARRIED OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO your bucket list is the most thoughtful and beautiful thing ever like it wasnt just some basic ‘meet my celebrity crush’ thang I LOVE THE ROADTRIP IDEA AND I LOVE THE LION KING BROADWAY ONE AND THE RACE YOUR SUPERCAR AND URGH GOOD LUCK ❤ have a good 30th birthday WAY IN ADVANCE ❤
    sareena x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 3 things-
    Girls trip to Mexico
    Motorcycle lessons
    Sleeping in haunted house
    IM IN! Hahaha

    Loving your list! I know you will for sure get through these before your BIG 30!


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