5 Things to do if you Don’t Have a date this Valentine’s Day…

I am in no way anti-Valentine’s Day… I actually love it! But, I am going to be spending my third Valentine’s Day alone (even though I am not single😑) so I’m not about to write a ‘perfect ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one’ type-post!

So, I decided that this weeks blog would cover things to if you DON’T have someone special to share Valentine’s Day with.

Being in a long distance relationship is definitely a bummer when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Sean and I have never actually managed to plan a trip which would allow us to spend February 14th together, so this will be my third year spent dateless👎🏼

This year, before I left NY, Sean took me out for our own Valentine’s Day which was really sweet, so I really can’t complain! But when you’re seeing everyone else doing fun things with their boyfriends/girlfriends/dates, it does make you feel slightly sad.

So, here’s a few things you could do this week if you’ve found yourself spending the occasion alone.

1. Attend a Singles Night

So many bars, restaurants and clubs are holding singles nights over the next couple of days. Whether it’s a speed dating type event or just a whole bunch of single ladies and single men thrown into a club… either way it’ll be a good laugh, I’m sure!

2. Celebrate Galentine’s Day


Ok, technically Galentine’s day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day but I’m sure the Valentine’s celebrations will still be going on over the next couple of days, so why can’t the Galentine’s celebrations be extended too!? Grab all of your fav gal pals after work this evening and head to dinner (or go straight to the bar) overeat and order a few too many!😜

3. Go on a Blind Date

This is totally something I would do if I was single! I think people should go on blind dates more often. Instead of deciding someone isn’t ‘your type’ by looking at their profile pictures on Facebook/Instagram/Tinder, give yourself the chance to get to know someone you may usually swipe left on🤷🏼‍♀️ Just make sure someone knows where you are going and you check in with them to make sure everything is ok! Or make it a double blind date and take a single friend with you🤣

4. Host a ‘Singles Only’ Dinner Party

I LOVE this idea! Invite some of your single friends over for a dinner party, get them to invite their single friends (both girl friends and guy friends) and celebrate being single together! Who knows, some people may even find their dates for next Valentine’s Day!


And my favourite…

5. Indulge Yourself

Whether it’s a couple of glasses (or a bottle) of wine, enjoying your favourite meal or buying yourself those shoes you’ve been looking at for the past couple of weeks…do something that makes you happy! Or if you want to really treat yourself, head to your nearest spa. Spend the day sipping champagne, relaxing in the hot tub and lounging around in a fancy white robe! You could even get a couples massage with your best friend👭


Tip: If your looking to save some dollar you could always get some of your closest friends together and have a pamper evening at home, followed by wine and nibbles (or PIZZA!)🤗


I’m going to be spending today relaxing and pampering myself in the comfort of my home (because I’m broke AF right now…😂)

I’d love to hear what you all have planned for Valentine’s Day! Comment below if you’re doing something exciting or if, like me, you’ll be spending the day pretty much doing nothing.

Either way, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!💋

J x

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