January Favourites

As a new edition to my blog, I’ve decided that at the end of every month I’m going to do a ‘favourites’ post.

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do regular posts on their monthly favorites and I liked the concept a lot. So, every month I will be doing my own ‘favourites’ blog post and will include pretty much anything and everything I am loving that month… movies, TV shows, music, beauty products, clothing, new places I’ve visited… etc etc!☺️

So, here are six of my favourite things from this month…

Gucci Rush Perfume


This was always my go-to perfume when I was in comp (or high school as my American friends would call it) and I completely forgot that it even existed until Sean and I was walking around the mall one day and it was at one of the stalls!

It has a sweet yet warm smell to it and it really sticks to you and your clothing! Last week I put on a poncho I had worn the week before and could still smell the fragrance!

Apparently it’s now been discontinued ☹️👎🏼 buttttt Sean bought me the last bottle from this store as a Christmas present and there are still a few you can get your hands on at Amazon!

Fenty Foundation


I am not a huge make-up person and wouldn’t usually choose to write about a cosmetic product unless I REALLY liked it and thought others might benefit from trying it… and this is definitely one of those products! I am in LOVE with the Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation!

I like a light weight foundation, rather than something heavy on my face but sometimes you don’t get the coverage you want with the lighter foundations and they tend not to last all day. This product honestly lasts all day, has amazing coverage and you only need to use a very small amount to cover your face! I am completely obsessed with it and can’t imagine using anything else right now, especially as it only costs £24!

I also have one of the contour sticks which is great too, but if you were to try just one product from the Fenty Beauty line, I would recommend the foundation!



TYRA IS BACK! I used to loveeeeee watching America’s Next Top Model, but after Tyra left as a judge and host, I lost interest. But this season she has returned and I am hooked on this programme already! I really hope it’s airing it in the UK because I am going back next week and don’t wanna miss it😫

Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush


Another favourite Christmas present of mine! I reallyyyy missed my electric toothbrush every time I came to NY (the adapter is different over here and I couldn’t buy one for the Oral B toothbrush I had👎🏼) but my Mum and Dad bought me a new one that I can use here in NY as one of my Christmas gifts, and I literally couldn’t wait to use it.

Seriously, if you don’t have an electric toothbrush then you need to invest in one! The Phillips Sonicare has five different cleaning modes, including whitening and deep clean, and turns itself off once it’s done cleaning, so you always know you’ve cleaned your teeth properly!

Home Chef Meal Delivery Service

Sean and I decided to try out one of the food delivery services to get us back to eating healthily after a good few month off. I researched the options and we decided to go with Home Chef as it allowed us to pick 5 meals a week (a lot of them only let you pick up to 4), their menu looked tasty and the prices were one of the lowest we had found (working out around $9.90 per person, per day).

The meals are so tasty and there are lots of low-carb/low-calorie options to choose from as well as their normal dishes. We are currently choosing our meals for week three and have yet to receive something we didn’t like!

The only negative thing I could say about Home Chef is that they don’t deliver on Sundays or Mondays, which kinda sucks. We get ours delivered on Tuesday and I just have find something quick, easy and healthy to cook on Mondays🤷🏼‍♀️

And finally… my favourite Christmas present of all!

Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag


My favourite accessory everrrrr! I can be wearing leggings and a hoodie and this bag makes it look like the coolest outfit ever! I am completely obsessed with it! Take a look at the different Dionysus styles at Gucci. And for high street bags that have a the ‘Gucci effect’, check out this article by Exposé.


To make things a lil’ different, I’m going to end each post by sharing something I didn’t like each month.

What I disliked in January… 

The Master Cleanse


The goal in this cleansing program is to rid the body of all toxins.

A mixture of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup is meant to jump-start your metabolism and give you enough calories and carbohydrates to get you through the days. Cayenne pepper is a metabolic booster, while maple syrup is an unprocessed, natural sugar which provides your body with energy. And because lemons contain antioxidants, they help to flush toxins out of your system… sounds great right!?


I was warned before starting this diet by multiple people (mostly Instagram friends who have also tried the famous cleanse) that it is awful, but I thought I’d give it a go and see for myself.

Well, it lasted all of two days!🤦🏼‍♀️ The headaches were unbearable and it made me feel so sick! The thought of drinking the drink made me physically feel like throwing up so I was finding myself drinking only three a day, when I should have been drinking 6-12 a day to give me energy!

Although the idea of losing ten pounds in ten days sounds amazing, I am just going to stick to eating well and working out to get me back to my summer body! J x

2 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. Omg I’m about to start monthly favorites posts too! I’m about to put one up today actually haha! I planned it at the start of January because I was so excited to do one lol! Anyways, I’ve really wanted to try Fenty Beauty products so seeing that you like it makes me feel good about purchasing something from it haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! I can’t wait to read yours!☺️ They’re good little posts to write! I found that there are some things I want to write about but they’re not worth a whole review post so this is a good way to recommend a few things☺️
      The Fenty foundation is honestly amazing! All the stuff looks so good… I can’t wait to buy more!

      Liked by 1 person

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