My First Thanksgiving…

Last week I experienced my very first Thanksgiving and let’s just say I was not left disappointed… or hungry! We ate, drank, ate again, napped and then ate some more!!

When I say napped, I didn’t actually do any napping. But these guys managed to squeeze one in after their big dinner…

For my British readers, a thanksgiving dinner is pretty much what we have for Christmas dinner… turkey, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and gravy (although they don’t do Yorkshire puddings which is something I’m going to be suggesting for next year😋)! There was also mac and cheese which I found kinda strange but definitely didn’t disapprove of (I actually enjoyed it with the gravy… is that gross!?)

It wasn’t quite like the Thanksgivings I’d seen in the movies or on Friends ‘The One With All The Thanksgivings”… there were no crazy family arguments and no-ones head got stuck in a turkey! There was however, a lot of football (the American kind🏈) which I wasn’t too pleased to find out. I mean, one game is fine but it’s ALL DAY FOOTBALL! Sean, on the other hand, was veryyy pleased about it 😑

Usually, this type of roast dinner is hard to cook well for a big group of people but Mr & Mrs Neglia had that all under control. I didn’t reallyyyy cook anything but I did help a little with mixing the gravy and Sean made the mac and cheese (I say we did our fair bit🤷🏼‍♀️🙊) To be honest, there was little for us to help with, other than eating it all!

So, when it was finally time to eat we firstly went around the table and each said what we were thankful for (I thought this was super cute as it’s not something we really do back in the UK!) And as soon as the last person said what they were thankful for, we dug in! I piled my plate with turkey, beef, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veg and mac and cheese, then covered it with gravy… and when I say covered, I REALLY mean covered!

Surprisingly, I didn’t help myself to seconds but I did have a pretty huge plate which I did a good job of clearing up😝 I also had to keep a little room for dessert (which there was a lot of)! I had a little blueberry pie and ice cream… I didn’t quite feel up to giving the pumpkin pie a go at this point (and I’m so glad I didn’t now as I tried it over the weekend and was not a fan at all!!)

Anyway, it’s safe to say I’ve gained a couple of pounds, so here I go again starting another diet. I have also finallyyy joined the gym here in NY, so I can try to work towards looking a little more like I did this past summer (I worked out for the first time in three months yesterday and boyyyyy am I hurting today!) I’ve been cooking a little too but I’ve had to google a few more dishes that I can cook as my cooking range isn’t too broad!

I’ll keep you updated on the cooking and diet front 😐

Of course, we ended the day with a Thanksgiving tradition… Sean and I had the honours of breaking the wishbone. Sean got the bigger half (🙄) so he got to make a wish and I was left with my lip out…

I guess it wouldn’t be right for me to end this post without giving a few things I’m thankful for! So, here’s three…

1. I’m thankful for 2017 being the best and most exciting year of my life (so far)!! I got to experience so many new things and got engaged to the love of my life! I am already so excited to see what 2018 brings!

2. I’m thankful for both the new friends I have gained in 2017 as well as the old ones that have always been there for me and still are!

3. And finally, I am thankful for the support I have received (from both my Welsh and American family!) in the past couple of months, after making the decision to leave my job so that I could begin the transition of moving to NY 🇺🇸 It has been super difficult being jobless and not making any of my own money lately, but their help and support has made it a little easier. Hopefully we will soon have some good news about my Visa so that I can finally start job hunting.

I hope all of my American friends had a great Thanksgiving and have lots of things to be thankful for!☺️

I am now 100% in the Christmas spirit and looking forward to getting the decorations up this weekend. My family (Mum, Dad and two sisters) are coming over to NY to spend the holidays with us, which I am super excited about, so I have to get the house looking super Christmassy (Sean has given this job to me as he wants nothing to do with putting decorations up!😂)

Speaking of Christmas, I need to write up my wishlist…😏

J x

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