First and Foremost

As I’m new to the blogging scene, I figured my first blog post should be to introduce myself, so here we go…

I’m Jayde! I am a (just turned) 25 year old Welshie from Cwmbran, South Wales.

That’s me, below! 😊

2016 & 2017 have been two HUGE years for me. Within a few months I graduated from University, landed my first job as a professional events manager, became a Miss Wales AND Miss Universe Great Britain finalist, got engaged to the love of my life and applied for a visa to move across the Atlantic!

I am now currently jobless (by choice… I’ll explain in due time) and waiting for my visa approval to move to the Big Apple (yes, the fiancé is a New Yorker!) to become the best Events Manager in New York … you’ll see 😉

With my big move fast approaching and a wedding on the horizon, 2018 is looking to be another big year, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to jump on the blogging bandwagon!

Stick around to read about the ups and downs of my big move, planning the wedding of my dreams and finding a job in New York, along with the usual lifestyle posts filled with travel, relationships, beauty, fashion and fitness (when I say fitness I mean my attempt of staying somewhat fit in the US… I tend to gain a few pounds every time I visit)!

I plan to post bi-weekly, but you can follow me on Insta to see what I’m up to in-between posts 😘


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